Doctor Who: 10 Reasons Why We Need A War Doctor Spin-Off

We need more John Hurt! Or, pending budget restrictions, a guy who looks like him!

Louis Harman


Doctor Who John Hurt

From K-9 to Torchwood to The Sarah Jane Adventures, Doctor Who has had its fair share of spin-offs over the years. Each spin-off has brought a new dimension to the Doctor Who franchise or has given us a better understanding of some of the Doctor’s companions and allies. 

The 50th anniversary special, The Day of The Doctor, opened up a previously unexplored section of the Doctor’s timeline – one that could possibly hold its own as a new mini-series or spin-off. This spin-off would be focused on the events of the Time War and the years where the ‘War Doctor’ piloted the Tardis.

The Time War has been pegged as being the darkest time in the Doctor’s life – a time filled with ruthless killing, apocalyptic warfare and some of the hardest decisions the Doctor has ever made. But other than this we know very little about what happened during those turbulent years. A War Doctor Spin-Off would answer many questions, fill a lot of gaps and create a darker branch of Doctor Who (a bit like Torchwood with more epic imagery and less sex).

Here are the top reasons why the Doctor Who franchise could benefit from a War Doctor spin-off series.