Doctor Who: 10 Rumours About The Day Of The Doctor We Hope Are True

The Day of The Doctor is fast approaching and with November 23 marking 50 years of Doctor Who, much speculation…

Jamahl Simmons


Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

The Day of The Doctor is fast approaching and with November 23 marking 50 years of Doctor Who, much speculation abounds as to what will happen on that magical day and how it will affect Doctor Who for the next 50 years. Series Producer Marcus Wilson has described it as “a love letter to the fans,” but meeting fans expectations for such a momentous occasion are a tall order.The return of fan favorites David Tennant and Billie Piper as well as confirmed appearances by the Zygons (unseen on TV since 1975) and the Daleks are however, big steps in the right direction.

Steven Moffat is quoted as saying, “I’ve been lying my ass off for months!” and “Most things that have been said about the 50th are not true…Normally, I am responsible for the disinformation and rubbish rumors – I usually put them out myself, but I haven’t needed to for this one.”

Both quotes can’t possibly be true can they?

Today we take a look at 10 of the more interesting rumors swirling about that I hope will come true on The Day of The Doctor…


10. More Recovered Lost Episodes Announced

Patrick Troughton Daleks Doctor Who

Earlier this year, rumors that a container load of previously lost Doctor Episodes had been shipped from Africa to the UK abounded. This mythical container was said to hold everything from every lost Patrick Troughton episode to every missing Willam Hartnell episode to all 106 missing episodes. Despite repeated denials from the BBC the rumors refused to die. In October, contradicting earlier statements, the recovery of Troughton’s 2nd Doctor Adventures The Enemy of The World and The Web of Fear were announced available for download via Itunes with DVD releases soon to follow.

Could the BBC have been holding back an even BIGGER announcement for The Day of The Doctor? Just imagine November 23rd beginning with the unveiling of a slew of lost episodes unseen since the 60s finally recovered for the fans?

If episodes such as The Power of The Daleks (Featuring the debut of Troughton’s 2nd Doctor) or The Dalek’s Master Plan (An epic 12 part Hartnell adventure) or even, dare we hope, the final episode of The Tenth Planet (Hartnell’s swan song) are unveiled on that magical day it would be a perfect gift to the fans.