Doctor Who: 11 Awesome Timelord Rock Songs

Doctor Who Logo Nine With the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who coming up in the next few weeks, Whovians across the globe will be celebrating with fervour - whether that be by themselves in their living rooms, in front of a telly screen with a group of fellow fans and friends, or by hanging large blue and silver banners from their windows and letting their "Devoted Whovian" flags fly. With this in mind, what better way to celebrate the show turning fifty than with an awesome soundtrack appropriate to the occasion? And what better soundtrack than a playlist full of Trock? For those of you sitting there slightly bewildered, wondering what in the cosmos Trock actually is, it's short for "Timelord Rock" and hence is a genre of music which is comprised entirely of songs about Doctor Who. It is true that musically-inclined Whovians have been writing Who-themed tunes for decades - from "I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas With a Dalek" by The Go Go's in 1964, to Pink Floyd's 1971 track "One Of These Days" which sampled the theme tune. However, the creation of the Trock genre itself is usually attributed to YouTuber Alex Day, or Nerimon, who is one fifth of popular Trock band Chameleon Circuit. This is because the advent of digital music had made Trock so much easier to spread and share, and if you trawl the world wide web for long enough, you'll find some very creative musical Trockers. They unabashedly and enthusiastically get their geek on, devoting their time and efforts to writing and sharing this brilliant genre. Here - in no particular order - are eleven awesome and varied Trock tracks to help you get into the spirit of celebrating Doctor Who! Trock on!
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