Doctor Who: 11 Iconic Things From Matt Smith's Era

Doctor Who Mop

From different hats to his rules, Matt has made the character his - from incredibly serious moments to hilarious moments. Each one of these things have made some impact on his Doctor, and certain things that will make him stick out in our minds throughout the many more Doctors we'll have. Everything from the TARDIS to what the Doctor wears, it makes them all different, and Eleven certainly was different from the rest.

We got to see a very serious Doctor and a humorous Doctor, sometimes in the same episode. This Doctor taught us what happens with age, and what loss does to a person. Eleven showed us that he the losses he suffered from all of his incarnations had caught up with him at one point or the other, and made him different.

While many people call Ten the most 'human' Doctor, I would say that Eleven is the most real Doctor. The Doctor who was overzealous when needed, but serious when needed. He certainly was different from both Doctors before him in New Who era, but almost the best of both.

So here, I have brought together the top eleven things that will remind us of Eleven.


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