Doctor Who: 12 Fanboy Complaints That Need To Die

Definitive truth that you just can’t please all of the Whovians all of the time.

Baz Greenland


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We Whovians are a passionate bunch; particularly in the ways in which we seem to love and hate Doctor Who equally. 

Ever since the show’s return in 2005, there has been much rumour, debate, praise and complaint; as the show has risen in popularity both in its original home of the UK and across the pond, the engagement of Doctor Who’s fan base has only increased. Unfortunately, it’s the complaints that seem to attract the most focus. Nit-picking, needless grumbling and miscasting murmurings; all are very much part of a day in the life for most Whovians.

So from the point of view of someone who loves the show (Classic and Nu Who) and who has written more than my fair share of Doctor Who articles for Whatculture, we’ve compiled a look at some of the worst whinges from Whovians with too much time on their hands and grumpiness in their hearts and ask, is it all really necessary?


12. Doctor Who Was Never As Good After David Tennant Left. Bring Him Back!


The term ‘fan boy’ is used loosely in this case, because anyone who realises that the show precedes 2005 by quite some time would understand that the clever thing about Doctor Who is that it’s always changing. There are few other shows that can reboot with a brand new leading man over and over again and still be as successful.

David Tennant was a romantic, dashing Doctor with ‘vanity’ issues, a hero who valiantly saved Earth on countless occasions and then began a full on love affair with his companion Rose. He was the Doctor to bring the fan girls as well as the fan boys… but he was only one Doctor.

Yes he was great and he had some incredible moments; it’s easy to see why he’s often voted as one of the very best Doctors. And yes, it was hugely disappointing when he left, but by ‘fish custard’ fans were already asking Tennant-who? Personally speaking, Matt Smith is by far my favourite as he is for many other fans and as such, it’s more than likely that we will all see the ‘bring back Matt Smith brigade’ in a couple of years’ time.