Doctor Who - 5 Giant Servings Of Ham

There seems to be something about Doctor Who, especially the old series, that invites really, really hammy performances on the parts of certain actors. Something about wearing insane costumes, performing on low-budget sets and spouting off dialogue about universal conquest seems to make a certain kind of actor just kind of go so far over-the-top they could summit Everest without even noticing. There's been some very memorable performances in grade-A ham over the years. Honestly, we're kind of spoiled for choice here. But in the interest of space (and time?), we will cut this down to five. Let's have a look! HONORABLE MENTION: Rowan Atkinson and Jonathan Pryce. Pryce especially. Neither has appeared in a "real" Doctor Who story, but both hammed it up big time in "The Curse of Fatal Death". Who else but Pryce could have managed to pull off a line like, "Naturally, Doctor, I wanted you to know that your certain death is now...CERTAIN!"


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