Doctor Who: 5 Reasons Why The Return Of Gallifrey Is A Great Idea

Doctor Who 50th Gallifrey Capitol Last week Doctor Who's 50th anniversary aired to the pleasure of every single Doctor Who fan out there. Many twists and turns happened, new characters were introduced and old friends returned, and while Moffat promised us that this won't be a game changer one incredibly big revelation changed the Doctor Who Mythology forever. The biggest revelation that occurred in the story was at the end, when the 4th Doctor revealed to Matt Smith that their plan to save Gallifrey succeeded, and that it was still out there. The final scene showed our beloved Doctor admiring his home alongside his past incarnations. Out of all the new things and events that have happened in The Day of the Doctor this one is definitely the biggest, the premise of the Doctor being the last one of his kind and the executioner of both Time Lords and Daleks alike was a big one through recent years. Many people are divided on whether or not this was a good idea. After all, since the relaunch of the series and the revelation that the Doctor is the last of his kind, we've never had this big a change in the series' mythology. So don't worry friends, here are 5 reasons why this was an incredible decision....
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