Doctor Who: 5 Unexpected Things In The Time Of The Doctor

Don’t say Steven Moffat didn’t write an exceptional regeneration episode.

Molly Tracy


Matt Smith Bald

We did it. We made it through one of the hardest days a Whovian can go through – regeneration day. And not only that, the episode was great in every respect: it was funny, heart-wrenching, informative, and above all, it had us gasping at some truly affecting moments.


Those surprises were genuine, and I won’t have been the only one watching who was shocked at some of the things appearing before my eyes – either through my laughter or my tears – during the episode.

Here are five of the most shocking things that happened or were discovered during the Christmas Day special, starting with an honourary mention.

Honourary Mention

Clara’s Surprise – Hellooooo Benjamin!


It looks like David Tennant may have set off a new tradition. Is every Doctor going to be naked in front of their companion right before their regeneration? The idea of walking in on the Doctor naked (and then having him come to dinner naked) created a great humorous scene for what would otherwise be an incredibly sad episode.

Not much more can really be said, without the risk of this article needing a parental advisory note, but I will say that even with the photo and knowing the Doctor would be naked at some point, we all got a laugh out of Clara’s reaction and the Doctor’s general confusion as to why she was so surprised. Don’t YOU go to church naked?

That moment follows Moffat’s best skill: the show-maker took what is no doubt a dreaded episode and gave us a few minutes to laugh. It was, at the very least, a happy reminder of the Doctor that we’ve grown to love before he changed, as well as wrapping up every loose end.