Doctor Who: 8 Things We Might See In Series 8

8 months to go, and 8 possibilities to ponder while we wait...

Steven Moffat has done it again: in the past couple of months, he has slapped us with a Christmas special and an Anniversary special that have answered many of Doctor Who€™s lingering mysteries, but in the process he also created so many more questions. We now finally understand the history of the Doctor's regenerations (Capaldi being the 14th Doctor) and we better understand the outcome of the Time War, but what we are left with is a long list of teasers and mysteries that fans will certainly want answers to. The beauty of the show being left ambiguous and riddled with mystery is that it opens up new opportunities for developments that can move in any direction. In true TARDIS style, these developments can bring us something new, or can nod to the past - and of course, sometimes it can do both at once. For now, at least, no one knows what the future of Doctor Who will be. But have no fear, Whovians, because its looking like Steven Moffat has kindly given us around 8 months to sit and mull these things over. Aren't we lucky? While we wait patiently to see the Doctor appear back on our screens in season 8, let€™s have a look at 8 things that we might get to see in the next series€

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