Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor Trailer Reaction

The Doctor The Doctor Who fandom have finally been treated to a specially created trailer for the 50th Anniversary Special 'Day of the Doctor'. The Doctor Who: 50 Years' Trailer is a welcome one-minute delight that finds us on a celebratory trip through 50 years from William Hartnell to Matt Smith, who narrates, as we are regaled with stunning images of different incarnations of the Doctor, Whoniverse villains and numerous characters and companions. The theme-tune is a mixture of the old and new signature sound and over the tune is the voice of Eleven telling us that "I've been running all my lives, through time and space; every second of every minute of every day for over 900 years. I fought for peace in a universe at war. Now the time has come to face the choices I have made in the name of the Doctor. Our future depends on one single moment of one impossible day, the day I've been running from all my life. The day of the Doctor." Although not the same trailer screened to the lucky few who attended the San Diego Comic Con in July 2013, as it does not preview any actual footage from the episode, the trailer is enough of an epic treat that most fans are rather pleased with. The reaction, which has largely been positive, shows how glad fans are to finally have something a little more substantial than a hashtag and a date. The youtube comments on the trailer are largely similar to omgitsMeerkatChris' 'THIS IS SERIOUSLY ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS I HAVE EVER WATCHED' and Kailumcsgaming's 'It's been 3 hours I cant stop replaying this trailer.' Yvette Settle comments 'I just keep watching this over and over and over and everytime it gives me chills and gggaarrrhhh i can't contain myself so much excitement!! been waiting for this trailer for forever!' Many fans, who have now watched the trailer more than once, are most likely freeze-framing trying to break the trailer down as much as possible- trying to catch everything and everyone featured or flashed. The trailer tries its best to cram as much as possible into the one-minute trailer from the past 50 years of the long-running show, from Tom Baker's Doctor's Jelly Babies, to the arm of a Silence shooting electricity, a flash of Rose Tyler, an Ood some Daleks and different versions of the Doctor's sonic screw drivers floating about. However, due to the sheer volume and scope of the show, there will be some elements left out. However until a full trailer of the episode is released, take note of the fans celebrating this finely constructed trip through time and space and let us know what you've noticed/noticed missing from the trailer, below.
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