Doctor Who: 10 Amazing TV Show Crossovers Fans Want To See

Because one television universe is not enough for the titular Time Lord


The beauty of being the proud owner of a Type 40 TARDIS is the joy of being able to travel anywhere throughout time and space. Of course, the main benefit is the ability to avoid being late – which The Doctor often is – keep out of danger – which The Doctor often doesn’t – and allows the owner the opportunity to see just about anything they choose.

Whilst not strictly one of the laws of TARDIS travel, it has also been known for The Doctor to travel to alternate universes, which often leads to discussion about which other TV shows it would be entertaining for The Doctor to visit. In some cases, it would be fun just to see The Doctor interact with some equally intelligent individuals, whilst in others everyones favourite Time Lord would be of genuine use when trying to deal with some of the problems faced in these alternative realities.

Of course, The Doctor wouldn’t fit just anywhere – it’s unlikely he’d make a particularly good pundit for Sky’s Premier League coverage, or as an analyst for Monday Night Football over in the States, but there are a number of shows in which his inclusion could well be the catalyst for some interesting developments and these are just ten of them.

Please be warned, this article may contain Spoilers for shows for those who haven’t watched them.


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