Doctor Who’s been going out the pond more and more often. We’ve seen episodes in Utah, Spain, Venice and New York City. There’s no current plans to have anymore outside UK Earth episodes, so to pass the time till the new series begins, we’re counting down the ten best Earth based stories that are not set in the UK. There’ll be Daleks, Angels, Astronauts and more.

The show does like to re-visit certain places though, which we’ll touch upon in due course. Personally, I’d love to see an episode set in modern day cities and countries. Paris – modern day, Spain – modern day, Scotland – modern day. There’s so much out there still to tell and it should happen sooner rather than later.

So without further ado, let’s see the top ten…

10. A Town Called Mercy

doctor who sound and fury
Set in Almeria, Spain in the town of Mercy, the Doctor, Amy & Rory face off a troubled cyborg in a mini Hollywood film set as used for many a Western movie, and that’s exactly what this episode aimed to be, a Western. Going with Steven Moffat’s idea of five movie blockbuster episodes, this one fell into the category the same as Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. It did it, but not as well as it could have.

Taking away the alien would take away part of what Doctor Who is about, so you where never just going to see two guys in a desert the whole way through the episode, but what you did see was interesting. It was another pun on the Doctor’s name causing confusion between A doctor and The Doctor.

The episode was very well directed though, and very ambitious for the show, probably something to do with them being Amy and Rory’s final episodes. The trouble comes with being the “middle” episode. Not too big but not too small. Not the best Doctor Who episode ever, but anything is better than Curse of the Black Spot. 

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This article was first posted on March 26, 2013