Doctor Who: 10 Best Episodes To Encourage New Fans

The-Dalek-Invasion-of-Earth-1 It's always super important to try to convert as many people as possible to the Doctor Who fandom, so that we always have lots of new friends that we can vehemently disagree with. To these ends, we might find ourselves obliged to use a bit of deceit, to trick people into liking our favorite show. Well, deceit is a strong word. I prefer to phrase it as "selectively choosing episodes which show Doctor Who in the best possible light so nothing with the Rani or the Space Museum and really the Sixth Doctor's era is out as well no that's not fair he's actually really underrated and a very sweet gentleman if you meet him in person"...but that seemed a bit long. Anyway, when it comes to turning a friend into a Who fanatic, it's really more of an art form. It works best if you know what type of shows the person in question tends to like, so you can cater your selection of Doctor Who episodes to their interests. With that in mind, here are some humble suggestions so that your conversion process can go as smoothly as possible.

10. City of Death

hitchhikers_doctorwho If you've got a friend who maybe sort of has a thing for Douglas Adams, show them City of Death. It's got a great script written by the man himself, and is chock full of those delightful witticisms Adams is known for. ("I love your butler, he's so violent!") City of Death has a wonderful sense of humor that Tom Baker and Lalla Ward take full advantage of. Speaking of Four and Romana, their chemistry is at an all-time high. The whole adventure plays out as a fun-filled romp through Paris, and it's nearly impossible to resist its considerable charms. Extra points for an awesome villain and note-perfect da Vinci name drop.
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