Doctor Who: 10 Characteristics Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Should Have


Taking on the job of the Doctor is no easy task for any man, but with fifty years of history now behind him, Peter Capaldi has many boots, or converses, or lace-ups€”err let us just go with shoes€”to fill. With the new face nailed down, the Doctor Who team can start in on fetching the clothes that he will step into, and write the adventures he has faced (time travel verb tense humour). While some things, like the famous outfit selection segment, and a companion of his own are inevitable€”the task of turning oneself into the Doctor falls, at least in part, to the man in the role. Tom Baker claims€”in his retrospective special€”that he did this by patterning his Doctor largely after himself, David Tennant looked for inspiration in his childhood days as a fan, and it is reported that Matt Smith found a kindred spirit in Patrick Troughton. While I cannot speculate on how Mr. Capaldi will ultimately choose to play the Doctor or to what fount of inspiration he may turn, I can offer suggestions on possible personality traits he could choose and offer my justifications for selecting them. With that in mind here is 10 Characteristics Peter Capaldi's Doctor Should Have, just in case internet journalism is where he starts looking for ideas.

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