Doctor Who: 10 Things Fans Want From Series 9 (But Won't Get)

Damn you, MOFFAT!


Doctor Who series 9 didn't so much please fans as it divided them. There was a new Doctor to get on-board with, and that in itself was a radical change, especially considering the differences between Peter Capaldi and Matt Smith. 

There was also the heavier focus on Clara Oswald, and the appreciation of that likely depended on how much you enjoy the character; at times it seemed as though she was the real lead of the show. 

Despite this, it was on the whole a strong series of the show, especially considering it was Capaldi's first in the TARDIS. Now that he's settled in, series 9 should be even better. It's a little under two weeks away, and in typical Steven Moffat fashion we still don't know an awful lot about it. There's been some confirmed guest stars, a few episode titles, and a couple of trailers that really provoke more questions than they give answers. 

The (thankfully) unbroken 12 episode run gets underway on September 19, and it's from there we'll start to find out exactly what Moffat has in store for us this time around. Until that moment comes, and arguably until the credits roll on the finale, there's won't be too much given away, but here's a look at the things we're hoping for in series 9 (even if we probably won't get them). 

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