Doctor Who: 10 Ways An American Reboot Could Work

8. Which Actor Is Who?

jeff goldblum doctor who Doctor Who is science fiction€™s Hamlet. What actor wouldn€™t want to take it on (okay, aside from Christopher Eccleston)? And while McGann and Elementary€™s Johnny Lee Miller indicate potential producers buy British, there are American actors who could carry it off. I€™d like to see Samuel L. Jackson in the TARDIS, and Jeff Goldblum and Laurence Fishburne are often nominated for Time Lord-ship. A friend of mine suggested Will Ferrell or Ben Stiller, and I€™m scared to ask whether he was serious. Hugh Laurie would be a good way of hedging your bets€”one take with his Gregory House voice and one take with his Wooster. And Hugh Grant said turning down the role in 2005 was a mistake. Check out his surprisingly sincere cameo in 1999 Doctor Who spoof The Curse of Fatal Death and judge for yourself if he should get another chance €
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