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The various companions The Doctor has traveled with have been such interesting people that us, the audience, have grown to wish we’d have them as friends. Of course, we’d love to have The Doctor as our friend, but the companions have most of the time really been loyal to him and shown him never-ending love which has made us wish they were our friends.

Sometimes we sit at home, watching a certain episode and think, “It would be so cool to be friends with that companion so he or she could take me with them when The Doctor whisks them away in the Tardis.

Here’s a list of companions who we’d definitely want to be friends with (no specific order preference, just a regular list)…

11. Jamie McCrimmon, 2nd Doctor Companion

Jamie Doctor Who

Jamie was such an awesome companion to Patrick Troughton’s 2nd Doctor. Both actors had fabulous chemistry, even though the characters didn’t always get along. He was from 18th century Scotland and wore a kilt. He encountered a lot with the 2nd Doctor and was always such a gentlemen to the women who traveled with him and The Doctor. He was also quite handsome and lovely to look at. Frazer Hines did such a lovely job with this character, he’d been on the show for quite a while. He’s definitely one companion we’d all be excited to see again if it could happen.

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This article was first posted on September 1, 2013