Doctor Who: 12 Annoying Characters, Companions And Villains

Adam Mitchell As much as us fans love our show, all of us have episodes, companions, characters, plotlines, monsters and even Doctors that we dislike. None of these things ever prevent us from watching because - well, because it's Doctor Who - but most Whovians still enjoy coming together to discuss what they did or didn't like about every miniscule little detail. Us Whovians can be a pedantic lot and will argue a point until the Adipose are transported home, but we are also happy to agree to disagree concerning differences of opinion on some things. You didn't like an episode I enjoyed? That's fine; each to their own and I love a good, friendly debate. Have at it so long as you're not going out of your way to offend anybody. With all of that said, I am now going to put my own head on the chopping block and reveal who and what are - to me - twelve of the most annoying main characters and villains, in no particular order. Please don't lynch me!
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