Doctor Who: 12 Things That Could Happen During The 12th Doctor's Run

Capaal Everyone is preparing for the inevitable departure of Matt Smith, speculating how he'll go out before the big regeneration scene, which will leave Peter Capaldi in his stead. With a new Doctor, there is always a transitional period and comparison with his predecessors. I've read that quite a few fans were glad to hear of Capaldi's casting, envisioning him as a more traditional elder statesmen version of the Doctor, as seen in the classic series. That could make a case for bringing back some classic elements from the show with a new twist, while still catering to the newer viewers. Below, are a list of ideas that could make the 12th Doctor's run just as exciting as the restart of the series was back in 2005.

12. The Doctor's Progeny

Doctor Who Jenny The Doctor is no longer the last of the Time Lords. I often found his status as the last of his species reminiscent of Superman being the last of Krypton. However, over time there was the introduction of the Phantom Zone villains like General Zod, Supergirl came into the picture and more survivors. Despite being the last of his kind, the Doctor still has a legacy in the series which hasn't been addressed. Have the Doctor look in on his long, lost family and tie up some of the loose ends left behind by the previous writers. His granddaughter Susan Foreman hasn't been seen in the series since her cameo in 'The Five Doctors.' There's also his daughter Jenny, which he thought dead at the end of 'The Doctor's Daughter.' Given Jenny's action-oriented nature, she could make an interesting companion for the Twelfth Doctor.
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