Doctor Who: 3 Potential Uses For Jenny

Doctor Who Jenny If you€™re like me, whether you watched the episode live when it aired, or later when you discovered the show, this plot twist in Doctor Who History most likely astounded you. The Doctor now had (living) family. (And then, inevitably, you realized it was his wife and had the €˜he married his daughter?!€™ thought, but we€™re gonna skip that) A petite blonde stepped out of a blue machine, and those two words changed Doctor Who history. We got to watch Ten learn to love her despite his family timelocked on Gallifrey, and then her demise, because, of course, the Doctor is not the Doctor if he is not, in the end, alone. We all know what happens, though. €œI€™ve got planets to save, civilizations to rescue€and an awful lot of running to do.€ But does she? Whovians, I don€™t want to upset you, but I want you all to think back to The End of Time, David Tennant€™s last episode. I€™ll now give you a moment to cry silently. Russell T. Davies, about to hand the reigns of the show over to Steven Moffat, wrapped up every loose end he had created in his time as showrunner: The lost moon of Poosh, the bees, who does Martha end up with, Sarah Jane. Everything seems to end peacefully. And arguably, it€™s the end of Russell T. Davies€™ era, and the beginning of Steven Moffat€™s. However, one storyline stays unraveled. Jenny. It has been noted among fans (unfortunately no news sources have corroborated) that Davies did intend to write off Jenny in that one episode, but it was Moffat that asked Davies to bring her back, though he has since stated that he doesn€™t remember doing so. Knowing Moffat, though, this €œamnesia€ means nothing (or fans could be exaggerating...because that never happens). So, what€™s in store for our favorite pint-sized Time Lord-daughter? Well, no one knows. Except Moffat. Maybe even including Moffat. There were rumors that Jenny may be Clara, but now, of course, we know that€™s not true. There are many different ways that Jenny could be brought back, let€™s explore a few, shall we?
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