Doctor Who: 4 Reasons Why Russell T Davies Was Better Than Steven Moffat

main pix After a 16 year hiatus, Doctor Who was brought back onto our screens with producer Russell T Davies at the helm. This brought in a lot of new, younger fans and gave the show a new lease of life. Then, 5 years later, at the height of the show€™s success, Davies stepped down as producer and head writer, and Steven Moffat took his place. As it was always going to, changing the producer meant slightly changing the show; Moffat made it his own, just as Davies had done. Change isn€™t necessarily a bad thing: the show needed certain elements to change to keep it fresh, interesting and up to date. However, in the space of three short years, Moffat seems to have changed it more than Davies did in his five. I€™m not talking about the new lick of paint that the TARDIS has received or the new green colour of the sonic screwdriver, but there are a couple of things that Moffat has done that I personally think were done better in the Russell T Davies era. Just to clarify, I don't dislike Moffat, he has done some great things with the show and he is a brilliant episode writer. I just preferred how Russell T Davies ran the show...
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