Doctor Who: 5 Reasons Why River Song Deserves A Spin-Off

The Big BangRiver Song having her own show? Yowzah! The craziest Pond has had more adventures with the Doctor than was shown on Who, as was implied multiple times on the show. It definitely deserves more than a couple of 3-minute webisodes (Night and the Doctor), for the sheer awesomeness of the character alone. I mean, I, personally, would follow that show more avidly than the gradually depreciating Torchwood series. Not that there is something wrong with Jark Harkness, that character definitely deserved the spin-off, only that the show went a totally different way than expected. A River Song spin-off may not yet be in Steven Moffatt's mind, nor would fans (Doctor Who/Sherlock) want to divide his attention, but here are five reasons to think about when deciding for yourselves whether or not River deserves a full spin off TV Show or at least, more of the shorter fast-paced minisodes sampled by Night and the Doctor. Wouldn't we all want to find out what's inside the Tardis-blue diary?

5. The Pond Life

The Ponds

Not all of the fans have gotten over the Ponds just yet, and I believe that most would love having River visit her childhood friends-slash-parents from time to time. That surely would be nice for family-centric episodes. Whether it be the constant confusing timeline crisscrossing or the Rory/Amy/Melody younger trio, it would create its own Pond dedicated happy endings that all Pond worshipers would cherish.
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