I'm actually surprised she HASN'T done something like that yet.....

Doctor Who is full of interesting people and things – and none more interesting then the 5 I’m about to tell you about. Since Doctor Who returned in 2005, three spin offs have began. You might be wondering what the third is, and you’re well within your rights to do so because it was so overlooked.

Torchwood was the sexy Welsh crime fighting alien drama set in Cardiff with Doctor Who character Captain Jack Harkness, which saw him battle aliens that came through the rift in time and space. The Sarah Jane Adventures was a children’s show that featured ex-companion Sarah Jane played by the late Elisabeth Sladen, which saw the character save the world with her super computer from the comfort of her own home. The third was K9, an Australian mocking of what Doctor Who is about.

Because of copyright reasons (proof the BBC disagreed with idea) the K9 seen in the show was not the K9 we know and love, but a flying cartoon version. It ran for about 23 episodes on the paying channels which meant it lost a lot of interest, especially in the UK where it did not air till later and lacked interesting story lines.

Now though, there’s no spin-offs. With Torchwood in “limbo” and no more Sarah Jane and still no word of K9 series two, perhaps it’s time to bring something new to the scene. Let’s see who could take on their own show…

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This article was first posted on March 7, 2013