Doctor Who: 5 Theories For The Finale

Well, we’re almost there. The seventh series finale of Doctor Who and this one looks intriguing. Throughout the years there has…

Stephen Higham


mat in the tardis

Well, we’re almost there. The seventh series finale of Doctor Who and this one looks intriguing. Throughout the years there has been one secret that has never been revealed and in last series closer ‘The Wedding of River Song’ we discovered that apparently it can’t.

We must never know the Doctor’s name. Why? What will be the repercussions? How will the Doctor trick us out of finding out this year?

We need only wait a week to discover the secrets of ‘The Name of the Doctor’ but until then join us as we speculate through five of the most interesting predictions we could think of.

5. Clara Who?


‘So I am a ghost. To you, I’m a ghost. We’re all ghosts to you. We must be nothing.’ Clara shot at the Doctor during the creepy fourth episode of this run, ‘Hide’ and indeed she appears to be something of the like. Haunting the Doctor wherever he goes Claras appear to be turning up.

The central mystery of this year has been the one surrounding Clara, who she is and how she’s linked to the Doctor. An Entertainments’ Manager aboard the Star-ship Alaska and a Victorian Governess bear striking resemblance to our modern day Clara counterpart but she can’t remember being them at all, leading us to believe that they are either from her future or are from her own family tree. After all she can’t be them as each of them have their own family in their own time zones, Alaska Oswin remembers her mother’s birthday whilst Victorian Clara works in her uncle’s pub as a bar maid.

So each Clara is tied to her time zone but what ties them to each other? One of the most obvious ideas is that she has been created, each one given memories or personality traits that will lead her to meeting the Doctor again but for what?

Remember Amy Pond’s first series that culminated in the revelation that the Doctor’s enemies were using Amy’s memories in order to trap the Doctor in the Pandorica. Well a similar thing could be happening here. Clara could be a new trap, a woman who is too enticing of a mystery for the Doctor to let go but where’s the fun in that?

What if Clara has been created and sent back in time in order to save the Doctor? Someone has been pulling the strings, giving Clara the his phone number and the like. We have good reason to suspect that someone mysterious and important is running the show behind the scenes but who is that? Oh, probably River.