The different variety of villains on Doctor Who are almost as personal to fans as the differences in each regeneration of the Doctor. Some people love the Daleks and loathe the Master, others find the Daleks dull and a little too genocidal, and others still find the  actions of the Ood Slavers all-too-realistic and horrible. No matter how you feel about the villains and their plans though, you’ve got to hand it to the actors they find out there in the wild wastes of Cardiff – they can transform sometimes-silly powers and occasionally-ludicrous concept into genuinely affecting television.

First and foremost though, an honourable mention to Nicholas Briggs, who could make up a list of his own as the voice of the Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors, and Jagrafess in the revival series as well as a writer and actor on Doctor Who and Torchwood. So other than Briggs, who could probably write, direct and star in his own season all by himself, what are the top six individual villain performances in the revival series of Doctor Who?

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This article was first posted on October 4, 2013