Doctor Who: 6 Best River Song Moments

DalekRiver River Song has been a staple character in Doctor Who since season 4. Spread across two doctors and six years she has been the most mysterious and alluring character in Doctor Who. After the events of the Season 7 finale I thought it would be prudent to highlight the best of River Song as it's a very real possibility that she won't appear in the show anymore (sob). So here are (in my opinion), the top six moments of Professor River Song, archaeologist, the Doctor's wife, and sweetie.

6. Her Two Scenes In 'A Good Man Goes To War'

goodman10This is slightly cheating as it's two scenes, but since it's in the one episode I think it will be OK! The first is when Rory comes and visits River in prison, to ask for her help in rescuing Amy. River is dancing back in to her prison cell, having been out with the Doctor for her birthday. With Rory not knowing that River is her daughter, it's very sweet how Rory says to him that she has met him before, saying "Hello Rory" in such a childlike way, knowing that she means "Hello Dad", the happiness that she gets in seeing her Dad on her birthday. This is before she realises that this is the time when she tells the Doctor who she really is. This leads us to the other scene. River arriving after the Battle of Demon's Run, more knowledgeable about the situation than anyone else, calmly telling the Doctor that he is turning dark and that he has to realise that it's all his fault, that people are becoming afraid of him. When she shows the Doctor who she is (the daughter of Amy Pond and Rory Williams), her smile and her chemistry with Matt Smith is so sweet. The audience can guess who she is but it isn't until the end, when Amy has a gun pointed at River, do we find out. With River telling her parents that she is their daughter, the music comes to a climax, giving us a cliff hanger that we have been waiting three years for.

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