Doctor Who: 7 Better Fan Theories On Clara Oswin Oswald

doctor who clara The reveal of what made Clara the Impossible Girl, in the Name of the Doctor, was a pretty damn cool one €“ she leaps into the dead Doctor€™s timestream, in order to save every version of him from the Great Intelligence. But - the lack of foreshadowing regarding this, and how the €˜scars€™ of the Doctor€™s time travel literally came out of nowhere, left some of the fans wanting. After all, we€™ve seen €˜completely€™ dead Time Lords in the revival series twice before, the Master in The Last of the Time Lords and the Eleventh Doctor himself (sort of) in The Impossible Astronaut. Not only was Moffat pulling plot devices from thin air, he was stepping on the toes of episodes he€™d written himself. Story arcs on Doctor Who have always been well signposted and easy to pick up and theorize on €“ Bad Wolf, Mr. Saxon, and the cracks in time. We knew Clara was something special, but in hindsight, after a series seven rewatch, there were no actual clues as to what the Impossible Girl could possibly be. The fans worked hard on theories that not only could be justified in the show but appeared to have been foreshadowed, just to have that pulled away in favour of what was literally deus ex machina €“ even moreso if you take Moffat€™s interpretation of the Doctor as pretty much all-powerful and the centre of the universe at face value. Though some of the theories are a bit far-fetched, they€™re a little more interesting and a lot more grounded in the history and mythology of the show than Moffat€™s light-and-FX-show. They€™ve been ranked on plausibility €“ how likely it might be that they appear in the show, under Moffat as showrunner €“ and on popularity within the general fandom.

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