Doctor Who: 8 Big Questions After Time Heist

6. What Was On Clara's Mind When She Hid From The Teller?

In an incredibly tense moment, an isolated Clara is hunted by the Teller in the vaults of the bank of Karabraxos. The creature is close, she is alone and she is at risk of having her brain turned to soup. If the Teller locks onto her guilt she is dead, so she desperately tries to block him out by playing out a memory in her head. The episode suggests that there is something significant on Clara's mind. A guilt we're not aware of? Or something more dramatic? Audiences may have caught a glimpse of something significant in her life that we might not discover for some time yet. Unless of course we're reading too much into this moment. We like to think that this is all set up for something big to come, given the intensity of that glimpse into her mind. We all know Moffat likes his little mysteries. This might just be one of them.
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