Doctor Who: 8 Predictions For Series 8

We have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen next season on Doctor Who. We don’t even know who the…

Rebecca Kulik


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We have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen next season on Doctor Who. We don’t even know who the protagonist is going to be. We don’t know how the 11th Doctor will leave, why he’ll be forced to regenerate, or what that will mean for Clara and the Doctor. But we’ve got months’ worth of waiting left, so why not speculate wildly?

Actually I kid. These are going to be very grounded speculations. They’ll be rooted in the history of the show and in the history within the show. And I’ll finish each one off with a question, just to invite some more wild speculation.

I’m tempted to take this moment to demand royalties on the off chance that someone from the show reads this post…but no, I offer these freely to anyone who desires them. But I reserve the right to scream “I CALLED IT” at my TV if/when I find out I was right.

Please note that I have not watched the Classic series, and if anything I say here is supported or undermined by Classic episodes I would be happy to have the comments equivalent of a cup of tea and talk about it.

So, without further ado, here are my eight predictions on the course of the next season of Doctor Who. May it be a great one.


8. The First Episode Will Be All About The New Doctor

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This one is a gimme, really. “The Eleventh Hour” was all about putting the pieces back together after David Tennant left, and Matt Smith is no less of a mighty presence on the show. And for all its faults, “The Christmas Invasion’s” best moments were all about establishing David Tennant as the Doctor.

Matt Smith’s leaving is no less of a big deal than David Tennant’s. We’ve still got our companion, so it won’t quite be the relaunch of “The Eleventh Hour,” but it’ll be big and it’ll be about telling us as an audience who it is we’re dealing with.

The big question here is: will the Doctor again establish himself as the defender of the earth? Or will he do something quieter, given 11’s plot of getting smaller?