Doctor Who: 8 Things That Must Happen In Series 12

Time to take things up a notch.


By and large, fans have taken to Doctor Who's 2018 makeover, with the universal consensus being that the Time Lord's long-running legacy is in capable hands, albeit in need of a couple of adjustments. Jodie Whittaker has embraced the role to cosmic effect, the companions are nicely fleshed out, and there is a newfound liberal grit to much of the storytelling.

However, the landscape of TV is shifting so rapidly, that even the safe shows are no longer really safe. Even with an institution as long-running as Doctor Who, fans are best advised to go into a new series knowing that it could be the last. Or if not the last, the last of that Doctor, writer, and production team.

With that in mind, it's essential that Chris Chibnall's 2020 sophomore series pulls out all the stops, draws from the very best of what has been achieved already, and tweaks those little problems found in the series just gone. Imagine witnessing the greatest Doctor Who series of all time. The foundations are there, and there's no reason why the next season can't be the one. Here's how.

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