Doctor Who: 8 Times The Doctor Has Killed

Shooting, suffocating and exploding his way through the universe since 1963.


No matter how many thousands of people he saves, or how much he's revered by those around him, there's no getting away from the fact that the Doctor is a seriously flawed individual.

From putting his companions in consistent peril (which often results in them dying, being left behind, or becoming scarred in some other significant way), to that time he, y'know, destroyed his own people during the Time War, he's caused plenty of messed up situations in his many years of existence, not least of which are all the times he's killed - unintentionally or otherwise - those who oppose him.

To give him some credit, he does try and avoid the loss of life where possible, but given the inherent dangers of parading throughout the universe and interfering with various life forms, peace isn't always an option - often, the main side effects of his adventures are collateral damage, injury, and death.

And on that point, the Time Lord has directly taken a life on more than one occasion, whether to save his own skin, protect a companion, or just to prove a point.

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