So it has finally come. We endured another Saturday with no Doctor Who.

While the latest series finale has polarized audiences, with most either calling it the best or worst episode of the series, we are all eager to see what the 50th anniversary special has in store for us.

Except of course, that we don’t get it until the 23rd of November. But cease crying! For your benefit, we’ve compiled eight different ways to pass the time until November! So read on to learn of several different ways you can get your Doctor Who fix until then!


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Alright, I’m going to start off with a plug. Doctor Who is a favorite subject of ours (along with Star Trek, James Bond, and arguing about whether we love or hate Christopher Nolan), and frequently the Doctor Who-related assignments get snatched up faster than anything else.

I personally have been able to write numerous times about Doctor Who, with articles such as:

The 50 Greatest Stories

The Eleven Worst Stories

Who Should Play the Twelfth Doctor

Who Should Take Over After Steven Moffat

and finally, the Five Best & Worst Companions

And of course many of our other writers tackle Doctor Who with a variety of other articles… two of my favorite Who writers are Hayley May Philips (Characters From Other TV Shows Who Would Make Great Companions, or Terrible Companions) and Stephen Higham (Eleven Reasons We Love Matt Smith, and Five Biggest Anti-Climaxes).

Of course, all these linked articles are only scratching the surface. We have an archive of Doctor Who related articles that stretches back for 32 pages. Take a look!

Doctor Who Archives

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