Doctor Who: Bradley Walsh Revealed As Jodie Whittaker's Companion


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If you were upset by the idea of an actual real life woman playing Doctor Who, it's probably best you turn off the Internet for the rest of the day, because it's now been revealed that Jodie Whittaker's first companion for her debut as the Doctor will be a comic actor and game show host.

The news has just landed that Bradley Walsh - formerly a star of British soap Coronation Street and the host of The Chase - is set to play Whittaker's companion. The actor previously worked with new Who show-runner Chris Chibnall on Law & Order UK on which he played DS Ronnie Brooks.

He's not typically known as a dramatic actor, but he was great in the UK Law & Order (which Chibnall was head writer on), and he should bring a lot of charm to the role. It should also bring in a new dynamic after most recent companions were played by young women.

Naturally, a "source close to Walsh" was on hand to offer their thoughts (and to confirm he won't have to leave The Chase):

“Bradley is super excited to be joining the cast of Doctor Who in such a key role. It means that his schedule over the coming months will be jam-packed – so he won’t be able to continue with the full range of programmes he currently makes for ITV.“But, crucially, it won’t affect his role as presenter of The Chase. He loves that show with a passion and so does the audience, so he’s delighted to have found a way to make it all work.”

For many, Walsh's most famous moment came when as host of The Chase, when he was faced with the hilarity of saying the name Fanny Chmelar...

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