Doctor Who: Every 10th Doctor Episode Ranked Worst To Best

36. Fear Her


While Doctor Who episodes featuring embarrassingly awful CGI aliens or bad acting are examples of terrible episodes, sometimes having a mundane story can be the biggest crime committed. Fear Her commits this sin as it is quite simply boring from start to finish.

While the premise of humans being turned into drawings by a troubled child sounds like a potentially fun idea, the execution is as exciting as watching paint dry. Rose and the Doctor are also criminally underused throughout, just watching the action unfold and having no really effect on the outcome of the episode.

This episode also painfully tried to predict the 2012 Olympics - a full 6 years before it happened - which has aged terribly considering its numerous false predictions. From predicting that 2005 X-Factor winner, Shane Ward, would be releasing his Greatest Hits album to a completely inaccurate mock-up of the Olympic stadium, this episode is already the most dated of Nu-Who.


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