Doctor Who: How The Fan-made 50th Anniversary Trailer Was Made

Doctor Who 50th Fan Trailer Screencap We recently shared an incredibly proficient Doctor Who fanvid that used a mix of Doctor Who footage, stock images, and visual effects to create a trailer for the 50th Anniversary Special. The internet was abuzz with Whovians sharing and enjoying this small marvel and, since its release several days ago, it has amassed over 300,000 views. And now, on the back of its success, the video's creator has decided to show us just how he/she did it... Some of the editing techniques are pretty conventional like digital cutouts and colour correction but there are a lot more effects in there that really show immense attention to detail. The video's maker has done everything he/she can to disguise the footage used and add a new layer of detail to make it look more like something new. The animation of stills to create movement akin to real footage is a definite highlight of the editing techniques used but special mention has to go to the incredibly smooth edit jobs done on Matt Smith, David Tennant, and John Hurt's costumes to add slight differences to the stills and footage used, and the use of stock footage of a flag to create the effect of the Eleventh Doctor's coat flapping in the wind as he hangs from the Tardis above Trafalgar Square. There's not much else to say other than that this VFX breakdown really creates a whole new level of appreciation for the work that went into the original video. Oh and somebody give this person a job. Such diligence and talent shouldn't be confined to YouTube.
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JG Moore is a writer and filmmaker from the south of England. He also works as an editor and VFX artist, and has a BA in Media Production from the University Of Winchester.