Doctor Who: Matt Smith’s 11 Best Understated Moments

9. €œThere€™s only one person in the universe who hates me as much as you do.€

hates me as much as you There were three big twists in €œAmy€™s Choice.€ Both locations were dreams, and Amy really was in love with Rory. But the most important and most terrible was that the Dream Lord was the Doctor€™s darkness. All the nasty ways he wormed under Rory, Amy, and the Doctor€™s skin were the thoughts the Doctor didn€™t let himself have. He was the angel of the Doctor€™s darker nature. We don€™t find out that the Dream Lord and the Doctor are two parts of the same person until the end of the episode, when the Doctor says he €œthought it was obvious.€ But when you re-watch and look at the Doctor, you can see something strange when he realizes who the Dream Lord is€”and it€™s all down to Matt Smith€™s complex acting. He doesn€™t feel afraid, or repulsed. He feels victorious. Look at his face: he€™s figured out his own riddle, and he€™s proud. Why? The answer lies in his self-hatred. We love the Doctor, but the Doctor hates himself. Because he knows more about himself than anyone, and what he knows makes him hate. A few later moments I€™m going to talk about can be traced back to this moment, when the Doctor faced his demons and did not slay them.

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