Doctor Who: Remembering The First Doctor's Companions

The ones who started it all.

The role of the companion in Doctor Who is to serve as an audience-insert. It is the companion€™s job to ask questions that the Doctor will then answer. It€™s technically less awkward than having him deliver the lines directly into the camera, and also gives the audience someone they can relate to. Throughout the years, there have been many companions. Some were great, some were not, and some, despite what the BBC says, were not actually companions at all. And yes, thats aimed at you, Astrid Peth, Adam Mitchell and others. Some of you are probably very familiar with the more recent companions, but maybe less so with the earliest ones. This article aims to correct that. The companions of the First Doctor were an interesting lot, and you should really get to know them. Let's not forget, they're the ones who started it all. The show's formative years introduced viewers to, amongst others, school teachers, a space pilot, a space cop, a swinging 60€™s girl, a royal navy sailor and, of course, the Doctor's very own granddaughter. It was quite the fascinating mix of characters, and it all began as a mild curiosity in a junkyard. Let's go back to Coal Hill School.

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