Doctor Who: Remembering The First Doctor's Companions

8. Katarina And Oliver Harper

Technically speaking, Katarina doesn't really count as a companion. She was initially created to be one but was ultimately only in part of one story (The Myth Makers) before being written out in the next (The Daleks' Master Plan). She€™s a companion in the same sense that Adam Mitchell was, i.e., she totally wasn't. She was intended to be one, though, which is more than Adam can say. Her character came from a few thousand years in the past and didn't even know what a door knob was. The writers figured that would be too tough to deal with, so out the airlock she went. As for Oliver, he was a 1960s British accountant created by Big Finish as a companion in three audio stories. He travelled with the Doctor and Steven for three stories and had quite an interesting background that would never have been acceptable on TV back in the day. He was an enjoyable enough character but was never on TV and he didn't appear in enough audio stories to "count". Now they're both out of the way, let's move on...
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