Doctor Who Returns In The Bells Of St John’s On March 30th – View Teaser Image Here

The BBC have announced that Doctor Who will return to our screens in The Bells of St John’s. An image…

Adam Smith



The BBC have announced that Doctor Who will return to our screens in The Bells of St John’s. An image has been released teasing the episode, and if you look close, you can see the somewhat redesigned Ice Warriors which will return in episode seven. The Bells of St John’s promises to be Doctor Who’s first urban thriller that will see the appearance of new monsters called the Spoonheads as the Doctor discoveries something rather sinister in the Wi-Fi. Its also the introduction of new companion Clara Oswin Oswald (Jenna Louise Coleman).

Doctor Who is back March 30th in the UK and the following day elsewhere.

2013 marks Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary and it promises to be an exciting year with filming almost wrapped up on a special 90 minute docu-drama An Adventure In Space And Time which will tell the story of how Doctor Who began as a show in 1963 on BBC One. So far there’s been controversy over what the TV series plans to do to celebrate. I’m sure it’s all being kept on the low hush so as not to ruin any potential surprises. According to BBC officials, filming on a 60 minute special will begin in April but Steven Moffat has since denied. He states “why talk in singular?” So could an Eleven Doctors story be in the works? If they managed to recast William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton for the 90 minute TV movie then who knows what’s possible.

Louise Jamison, who played the Fourth Doctor’s companion Leela, has said she has been asked to “keep the days free”. Hopefully if she’s popping back Tom Baker is too. As for the others, John Barrowman claims he’s “given up hope” of being asked back. Arthur Darvill has said “never say never”. What could the BBC be up too? Surly a show with such history should be remembered in the biggest way possible. Keep faith, we might just be getting our prayers answered!