Doctor Who Review: Dark Water - 7 Ways To Deal With The Devil

7. An Ordinary Day To Die

Danny Pink€™s death is mundane and random. It€™s a breathtaking and modern act of storytelling to allow a major character to die in such a routine way. The quiet power of the scene is heightened by director Rachel Talalay€™s commitment to a haunting overlay of incidental sounds. She focuses on the details, circling above the body lying in the street and drawing down the length of a tattered police tape. We follow Clara down the middle of a busy street as she tries to connect with Danny€™s last moment by placing herself into a similar danger. Clara€™s grief is not noble. It is ugly, messy and real. She is a corned animal lashing out at a universe she feels betrayed by. In turn she violates the Doctor€™s trust without remorse. He responds with unconditional support and love. He chooses to forgive Clara her behavior in the face of unspeakable grief. Will he ever learn to forgive himself?

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