Doctor Who Review: Flatline - 10 Ways Writer Jamie Mathieson Shines

“Flatline” is the episode where Clara steps over the edge.

WARNING! SPOILERS: This post contains spoilers and speculation for the Doctor Who series eight episode €œFlatline€. When we are young life is a line. We travel from point to point, each step laid out for us by whatever authority we reside under. We are told where to go and what to do and made to believe that if we stick to the path and achieve certain goals our reward awaits us at the end. It€™s only as we grow older, as we experience the things that deviate from the illusion of a pattern that the world takes on depth. When the Doctor gazes at Clara in the final scenes of €œFlatline€ what does he see? Does he mourn for lost innocence? Clara saved the world. She conducted herself well without getting distracted by the pain and loss occurring around her. When the moment came to make the hard decisions Clara made them. She can never go back to what she was before. She is a soldier now. €œFlatline€ is the episode where Clara steps over the edge. Let€™s explore the ways the journey has changed her.

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