Doctor Who Series 10: 10 Things We Learned From The New Trailer

Old Cybermen, Women Ice Warriors, and Dalek Ghosts...


With the much-anticipated tenth series of Doctor Who just one month away, the BBC have released the first proper trailer for the run - and it's jam-packed full of monsters, mayhem and time-travelling goodness. In terms of getting us excited for the show again after such a prolonged amount of time without a full series, the trailer does a fantastic job.

A lot of it provides a fuller look at moments teased in the previous 'Coming Soon' trailer that was attached to last year's Christmas special - such as Bill calling the TARDIS a "kitchen". It likewise offers our first glimpse at some casting and monster announcements we already knew about - for instance the return of the Mondasian Cybermen and David Suchet in the mysterious role of the Landlord.

The trailer also provides some interesting tidbits about the upcoming series that we weren't expecting, though, which allows us to start piecing together what we know about each episode. From new monsters, fresh takes on old monsters and interesting locations, we learnt a lot from the Doctor Who Series 10 trailer.

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