Doctor Who Series 10: 11 Easter Eggs & References In 'Oxygen'

"Space: The Final Frontier..."


The tenth season of Doctor Who continued its run of strong episodes so far with episode five, titled Oxygen. A full on sci-fi thriller, it saw the Doctor, Bill and Nardole travel to the Chasm Force space station - where oxygen was running low and sentient space suits with corpses inside were out to get them.

With an episode like this, writer Jamie Mathieson was free to pull from various science fiction and horror sources for inspiration. For instance, the general premise has a similarity to 2013 hit movie Gravity, while there was also a whiff of 1979's Alien about it too. Not to mention the threat of marauding space suits recalls 2008 Doctor Who story Silence in the Library.

The references in this episode aren't all that skin deep, however. Just like all of season ten so far, Oxygen is packed with easter eggs and nods to Doctor Who episodes both past, present and probably future too, as well as to other iconic movies and TV shows. Now, take a deep breath and join us as we run through them all.


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