Doctor Who Series 11: Everything We Know So Far

What to expect when Who finally returns.


With only a few days left of filming, series eleven is nearly upon us. But official announcements on what we can expect to see when Doctor Who returns this Autumn haven’t exactly been forthcoming. Even at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con preview event, producer Chris Chibnall remained tight-lipped. The two trailers released so far give little away, with no monsters in sight and not even a snippet of dialogue from previously unveiled guest stars. The focus is solely on the Doctor and her three new friends.

When asked why all the secrecy, Chibnall explained that he wants the show to be a truly communal experience. No one should have the advantage of insider knowledge, not even the Doctor’s most passionate fans. But this is far more than a nostalgic yearning for the days when families used to gather around their CRT television sets to watch their favourite shows together.

Spoilers mean more to the fans than the casual audience, especially if they relate to elements from the show’s history. They create a sense of anticipation (or irritation) only to those already invested in the programme, and that’s the real reason for the producer’s reluctance to share them. For if there is one buzzword worth repeating about series eleven it is ‘inclusiveness’.

This is Doctor Who for the many, not the few. We might not know much in terms of content, but there’s plenty of information already out there aimed at encouraging both new viewers and longstanding fans to tune in.

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