Doctor Who: Series 7 Part 2 Air Date Confirmed

The BBC have revealed when Doctor Who will be returning for series seven part two. The series which will feature…

Adam Smith



The BBC have revealed when Doctor Who will be returning for series seven part two. The series which will feature the Doctor and his assistant Clara will resume on March 30th 2013 on BBC One for a run of eight episodes. The airing time has not yet been confirmed but we can assume it’ll be sometime around late 5PM to Mid 7PM.

Some details of the episodes have also been revealed thanks to filming and slip ups on cast’s CVs. Here is a list of episodes with official air dates and light insights as to what they will be like. Let’s take a look ahead the biggest year of Doctor Who ever.

Episode Six: 30/03/13
Steven Moffat’s “urban thriller” which sees the Doctor and Clara return to our screens in what looks like modern London. The Doctor and Clara investigate strange happenings near by and something is hiding in the wi-fi…

Episode Seven: 06/04/13
Written by Neil Cross, this episode is set on one of the biggest alien planets ever. Assistant Director, David Mack, has the episode listed as The Rings of Akhaten but that could be a decoy to the real episode’s name.

Episode Eight: 13/04/13
A “base under-siege” story set on a submarine that could see the return of the Ice Warriors, and the episode has been rumored to be called The Cold War. The episode features the words “meat”, “klaxon” and “Vienna”. Interesting…

Episode Nine: 20/04/13
A proper ghost story for Doctor Who to take on and written by Neil Cross. There’s two possible titles of the episode. Phantoms of the Hex is down on guest star’s Jessica Raine’s CV while The Hider In The House is down on Mike Shouton’s CV. I like both.

Episode Ten: 27/04/13
Journey To The Center Of The TARDIS! It’s official! We’ll be seeing more of the TARDIS than ever before. What makes it tick? What’s the source behind it’s power? The episode guest stars Ashley Walters who is one of three brothers who are a salvage crew.

Episode Eleven: 04/05/13
The Crimson Horror (TBC), It’s set in  a strange 19th century village called Sweetville. People begin to go missing and the Doctor investigates a factory ran by Winifred Gillyflower and sees the return of Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax.

Episode Twelve: 11/05/13
The Last Cyberman (TBC), and it’s the return of Neil Gaiman’s writing! All new redesigned Cybermen. Moffat’s brief to Neil was to make the Cybermen scary again. Part of the episode is set in an abandoned theme park and guest stars Warwick Davies!

Episode Thirteen: 18/05/13
The tight lipped series finale written of course by Steven Moffat. The Paternoster gang are back on the scene again. The episode is also rumored to see the return of Doctor Simeon and River Song. Perhaps the Great Intelligence? Who knows…

November 2013: Confirmed 60 Minute Special to mark the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Could it be The Eleven Doctors? If you’ve read any interviews half the Doctors and co stars have not been invited back. What is Steven Moffat up too…