Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 Trailer & Breakdown

After three months of waiting, the moment is here. The BBC have released a brand new trailer for the second…

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After three months of waiting, the moment is here. The BBC have released a brand new trailer for the second part of Doctor Who which starts in March 2013. The trailer is available to view below as well as our exclusive breakdown telling you all about the wonderful new episodes in store. So, without further ado, let’s take a peak into what 2013 has in store  starting with the breathtaking new trailer.

Looks impressive, now see what’s really happening. Click next to see our exclusive breakdown of the trailer and four new posters for the upcoming episodes!


Series 7 will see the Doctor and Clara arrive on one of the biggest alien planets ever. This will be seen in episode two, confirmed to be titled as, The Rings of Akhenaten. It’s rumored that Queen Nefertiti could be returning as she was indeed married to King Akhenaten. This is also Clara’s first adventure after joining the Doctor – well, properly. It’s going to include a lot of new monsters (probably some old) too. This episode will air on April 6th 2013 in the UK/USA, April 7th elsewhere.


Clara’s thrilled as the Doctor mentions “You’re the only mystery worth solving”. Does that mean that these two are more than friends? Another Rose on the horizon? It’s not clear what episode the line is from but throughout the Doctor’s line, we get to see amazing guest star, Warwick Davies, who’s playing a character called “Porridge” in the series finale, and the Doctor’s seen in his orange space suit, last seen in the 2009 special, The Waters of Mars. Below are two pictures from the two scenes I am referring two. The Doctor, back in his space suit? What could he be up too? It’s likely to be from episode three, now – according to the unconfirmed “official” posters, titled Cold War which features the Ice Warriors who have been redesigned, pictures of them later.

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