Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 Trailer & EastEnders Star Wants Cameo As Monster

Doctor Who Season 7 returns to our screens in April, following on from the five episodes that started the season…

Adam Smith


Doctor Who Season 7 returns to our screens in April, following on from the five episodes that started the season back in September and of course, the thrilling Christmas special that aired last month. Matt Smith has a new companion in Jenna Louise Coleman and QMX Online yesterday unveiled a new sizzle reel trailer to promote what we have to look forward to in Season 7, Part 2.

Check out the trailer below for a look at what’s to come;

Meanwhile, in an interview with the Radio Times, EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt, who has been playing Ian Beale since the soap’s inception in 19885, has spoken about starring in Doctor Who, only as a monster.


Woodyatt is not the first celebrity to come out the “closet” as a Doctor Who fan. Lead singer of the band, Florence + The Machine, Florence Welch, has also said she’d like a cameo in the show as a monster. Perhaps the two gingers could team up and pose as a brother and sister who try to take over the world! But enough about my fantasies.

He’s spoken to the Radio Times about being in the show. When questioned about the possibility of starring in shows outside of EastEnders, in particular Star Treck, he had this to say

I think I would have to say ‘yes’ to that. I also fancy Doctor Who – I want to be an alien, heavily made up so people wouldn’t be able to tell it was me. I think everyone of my generation would like to do Doctor Who because we all have something significant from the show that we remember from childhood.

For me it was Jon Pertwee, the Brigadier and these giant maggoty slug things [The Green Death]. I have this memory of watching it when I was off school ill. So it must have been repeated in the daytime. Or maybe it was the school holidays. I do like the new series as well though – I enjoyed the Christmas special and I think Matt Smith is brilliant.

What do you think? Is Adam Woodyatt the next Master? Your opinions please…

Doctor Who returns to BBC One in April 2013.


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