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Since early 2011, director of the last few Harry Potter films, David Yates has expressed an interest in turning the BBC’s Doctor Who into a big hit on the big screen. However, his plans would mean a change from the current TV series by replacing the current Doctor, Matt Smith. Since then, showrunner and head writer, Steven Moffat, has said that a movie will happen, but it can’t damage the official TV series, and that’s exactly what Yates film would do.

So what’s the solution? In this article we take a look at what the fans would like to see in the film of Doctor Who that Mr Moffat is determined will happen…

4. The Time War

Eternal Dalek

When Doctor Who came back in 2005, the absence of the Time Lord’s and the occasional trip to the Doctor’s home planet, Gallifrey, had to be explained. This was successfully done by the ancient tale of the Time War. Often referred to as the last great Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks. According to the Doctor, everyone lost (9th Doctor – Rose).

But somewhere along the line, the Doctor took a regeneration from the 8th Doctor (Paul McGann) to the 9th Doctor (Christopher Ecclestone). We can only assume this was some effect of the Time War. Perhaps he was exterminated, or maybe there’s something more there. McGann has never missed an opportunity to admit how much he would love to return to Doctor Who.

What say you?

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This article was first posted on January 20, 2013