Doctor Who: Top 10 Insults Used By The Fourth Doctor

You're not fit to guard a Jelly Baby!

If you€™re an ordinary person, you would think that a €œsailor mouth€ was harsh. But if you€™re a Whovian, and a Classic one at that, you would know the Fourth Doctor€™s mouth is even harsher. While the Fourth Doctor is a remarkable man, who loves to eat and share jelly babies (on that note, would you like a jelly baby?), he also has the tendency to insult humans when he€™s angry, a trait that has been passed on to all his future regenerations as well. His words lack profanity but be their target and you€™ll be in tears in no time at all. Unless you€™re his companion, that is. Over the years, his companions have been told off numerous times (poor Harry Sullivan), often making for laughable instances during critical situations. He€™s had condemnations for basically everything starting from K-9 cheating in chess and the usual witty banter with Sarah Jane, all the way to Romana€™s inability to make tea. However, by some miracle, or resilience, rather, no matter how many times they€™ve been told off, they have never left his side. So, in honour of Tom Baker's 81st birthday this month, here is a list highlighting some of the Fourth Doctor€™s definitive insults, and all being well, you will - unlike Mona Lisa - sit still with your splendid eyebrows and reminisce. And maybe have a laugh or two by putting some of these insults into good use, too. The choice is yours.

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