Doctor Who: What Makes A Good Doctor?

doctor whos With Matt Smith stepping down as the Doctor and all this nonsense speculation over who the next Doctor should be (not Rupert Grint, sorry fan girls, but just being ginger doesn't cut it, it's just a gimmick) I think now is a good time to discuss what I believe makes a good Doctor. This will include no speculation as to who it will be as to be honest I'm sick of hearing some of the suggestions people have. Contrary to what some may think, the Doctor is a character that should be cast to type like any other, he cannot be anyone and anything, there are guidelines, personality traits and ideals shared by all the Doctor's, the most recent episode proves that more so than anything else. So the following article is all about the qualities the Doctor should have in spite of the obvious such as moral stand point, ideology and memories. And just to address the elephant in the room, women Doctor = bad idea! (and no I'm not sexist, I just think the show should focus on providing a good Doctor and not changing it up for no other reason than to pander to a certain demographic)

The Outsider Element

doctor who 3d So who is the Doctor and what are the consistent character elements that make up the part? Well the Doctor for the most part is an alien, meaning his actions, mannerisms and attitude should be that of an outsider or an outcast. He shouldn't fit in with one of us because he isn't. Some writers have lost site of this from time to time (that's right, I'm talking to you Russell!) but he is always at his core an outsider, we shouldn't relate to him like we do a friend or loved one because that isn't what he is. The actor portraying him has to portray this elements naturally and almost effortlessly while still remaining likeable on the surface, almost as if the character is the actor portraying them, which leads me onto the next point.
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